A broad scope of professional experience ranging from software development, communication technology, ambient intelligence, social networks, economy, tourism, sustainable development, education, cognitive science, marketing, and consumer behaviour. More than 25 years of experience with programming, more than 15 years as a lead developer or manager, developed information systems for gas distribution, B2C, law, education, tourism, etc. More than 20 years of experience with computer network planning, administration and server management. Almost 10 years of experience with reviewing research, development and educational projects co-funded from public sources.

Key experiences

The principal investigator and lead developer in several applied research and experimental development projects including several co-funded from public sources (e.g. web-conferencing and 3D virtual reality for language education, intelligent software tour guide for several Czech protected areas). Each project required coordination of international teams consisting of several tens of people.

Participated in many other projects of research and experimental development (several open-source systems, visible light communication devices, routing program which eventually became globally successful, etc.)

Evaluated hundreds of both small and large research, development and educational projects (e.g. funded by EU, Czech, German, Vietnam or US national sources) with a combined budget nearing 0,5 bn EUR so far. 

Publications, appearances at scientific conferences, co-author of ICT-based language courses.

Recent publications

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